Hitched Up: Seattle, WA

We spent a few hours in Seattle last year when we were in the area for the weekend of Mitch’s cousin’s wedding. I really wanted to see Mount Rainier but I also wanted to spend a few hours in the city. We had enough time to take a glassblowing class downtown, stroll Pikes Place Market for a bit, check out exhibits at the Pacific Science Center, and have an early dinner up in the Space Needle. The skies were clear and we were treated to some pretty epic views of Mount Rainier. We did a lot in just a few short hours but there was still so much more to do and see in Seattle and the surrounding area.

Since we had more time during this visit we decided to purchase the CityPass to experience some of Seattle’s most popular attractions. The adult pass is $89 and includes vouchers for admission to:

  • Space Needle ($32.50 in the morning and $37.50 for afternoons and evenings)
  • Seattle Aquarium ($29.95)
  • Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour ($30.50)
  • Museum of Pop Culture ($28)   OR  Woodland Park Zoo ($20.95)
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass ($26)   OR   Pacific Science Center ($23.95)

Without the CityPass we would have spent $151.95 each to visit these attractions. Pass-holders have 9 days to use their vouchers, though we used all of ours in only 2 days. The CityPass vouchers cover regular admission only, so any special exhibitions that normally cost an extra fee are not included. We only paid extra once to see the Marvel exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture ($8 and totally worth it). All of the attractions are accessible and we saw plenty of accessible parking in the downtown lots and garages.


The CityPass also includes two trips up to the Space Needle- once during the morning and once in the afternoon or evening. The catch is that the trips must be within 12 hours of each other but this is still a great way to experience the view during the day and when the city is lit up at night.

We started off our city adventure with a trip to the Museum of Pop Culture. If you were only able to see one of the museums included in the CityPass, the Museum of Pop Culture would be my choice. This place was beyond cool and to my surprise seemed more appropriate for adults than children. The Marvel exhibit was full of cool artwork, costumes, and props from the earliest issues of Captain America up to the blockbuster Black Panther and everything in between.

We had a great time strolling through the exhibit and learning about our favorite superheros. There were also a ton of life-size statues sitting (or hanging) around offering awesome photo-ops.


The Marvel exhibit was definitely a favorite of ours but the rest of the museum was really cool too. The Sound Lab was a musician’s dreamland with instruments scattered about just waiting to be played.

There were several private sound booths with guitars, keyboards, microphones, and drums. There were also jam rooms and recording rooms set up allowing visitors to play on their own or collaborate and play together. Mitch played around with several guitars and we both had fun blending and adjusting tracks in the mixing room.

For those who appreciate listening to music more than playing it, the museum also had exhibits dedicated to local icons including Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. Other museum exhibits showcased the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres.

Next we were off to Chihuly Garden and Glass and then had dinner and dessert near the Space Needle before taking a trip up to the top. The Space Needle’s observation deck has been completely renovated since the last time we visited and includes a rotating glass floor and glass benches that recline down towards the city streets.

We’ve been on a bit of a cycling kick lately, so I was super excited when I saw that a trail travels from Issaquah to Redmond along Lake Sammamish. The trip was approximately 26 miles roundtrip, making it our longest ride to date. We were pretty sore but it was a fun experience.


We ventured back into the city again for the harbor cruise, aquarium, and to spend time with a friend from high school and her fiancé. We lucked out with warm weather and beautiful clear skies. We had great time cruising around and checking out the marine life at the aquarium.

Afterwards we met up for dinner with our friends and they showed us around to some of their favorite spots to take in views of the city skyline. The city looked spectacular and we were able to catch a gorgeous sunset across the bay.

We also spent some time catching up with Mitch’s cousin and her husband in nearby Mukilteo. We headed into the small town to experience their beachside farmers market and lighthouse park before meeting for dinner.

The park had an awesome accessible trail that traveled along the beach and to the lighthouse. There was accessible parking, restrooms, and picnic tables. We saw lots of brown bunnies hopping through the grass near the picnic area and several harbor seals swimming along the shore.


We really enjoyed our time in Seattle and had so much fun visiting with friends and family. Continuing in that fashion, our next stop is Port Angeles, Washington to visit our friends who recently moved from Texas. Thanks for reading!


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